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يمنحك التمرين من المنزل متعة اختيار اي صف حسب اوقاتك الخاصة، ويوفر الكثير من المال. حافظ على لياقتك وصحتك فقط في نصف ساعة في اليوم وبأقل تكلفة! حان الوقت الاستثمار في صحتك و تعزيز جهازك المناعي.
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Book Your PT Session

When it comes to fitness, each individual has his/her own special needs and requirements. Therefore, exercising platforms diverge from one individual to another. For this purpose, FitnessTime has prepared a team of Qualified Personal Trainers devoted to mend your overall health. 
Sign up for an online personal training session and discover amazing facts about your body!

Start Your Fitness Career

Learn from the masters of fitness from all around the world and become a certified and internationally recognized professional instructor. Spread awareness and share experiences with no limits!

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Nutrition & Diet

At FitnessTime, we are by your side to help reach your long-term ideal body weight. FitnessTime Diet Clinic plans your diet and always provides you with healthy eating tips and facts. Educational nutrition sessions are specifically designed to teach you healthy habits and guide you all the way rather than the diet followed. When enrolling in our educational nutrition program, you will be able to distinguish your bad eating habits and many myths about dieting.
If you wish to get informed about your body weight, fat percentage, muscle mass & water retention sign up for Free Diet consultation and body composition test.
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Workout With Fun

We offer the latest fitness classes that help you enjoy your workout while training with others that share your passion. Join us! Try any class for FREE to experience it all by yourself.

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Members Testimonial

Soad Safieh before and after personal training at FitnessTime by yoyo I used to go to gyms and practice on some machines and do some movements by myself. Later on, after taking my first PT sessions with one of FitnessTime professional instructors, I found out that I had wasted a lot of time practicing for no good. In a 3 months duration, I lost 11 kilos! -Soad Safieh
Nivine Barakat before and after personal training at FitnessTime by yoyo Since she joined FitnessTime, Nivine was looking for a way to get fit in a short period of time. After 3 month of intensive training with one of our professional trainers Nivine was able to lose 10 kilos and currently enjoying a healthy lifestyle. -Nivine Barakat
Ranim before and after personal training at FitnessTime by yoyo At first, Ranim didn\’t realize the importance of sports and exercising. She even didn't believe that we do motivate and educate individuals as stated in our mission until she discovered by herself. Ranim is very grateful for the results she achieved with our instructors since she lost 10 kilos in 2 months. Ranim says: “They never left me workout alone; they were always by my side.” -Ranim
Mona before and after personal training at FitnessTime by yoyo Mona is one of our members that wanted to learn the basic techniques of exercising. So she decided to take the personal training course offered by LFA. After only one month she was able to lose 5 kilos and kept on training with great ambition. "I highly recommend taking the PT course for those who cannot follow up with instructors." -Mona
Mirna Diab before and after personal training at FitnessTime by yoyo Mirna used to workout randomly and without setting any goals to achieve. We offered help and set a workout program for her but she couldn’t commit to. Then, she decided to take a PT Session with one of our professional trainers. After only one month she showed impressive results. Mirna was able to implement the instructors directions and succeeded to reach her target weight and strengthen her core in only four months. -Mirna Diab
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